Vocalizer for NVDA

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What is Vocalizer for NVDA?

Vocalizer for NVDA is a commercial and high quality speech synthesizer from Nuance Communications, Inc., packaged to be used with the NVDA - NonVisual Desktop Access, screen reader.

NVDA is a free and open source, award-wining screen reader for the Microsoft Windows operating system, developed by NV Access, ltd. and the community.

What's NEW?

Tiflotecnia, Lda. is pleased to announce the availability of Vocalizer for NVDA version 3.0, which brings the brand-new Nuance Vocalizer expressive speech engine, to be used onNNVDA.

Nuance Vocalizer expressive brings more languages, more voices and more quality to the Nuance Vocalizer synthesizer, keeping the same natural sound and high responsiveness.

Almost 70 voices, speaking over 40 different languages. And you know what? You can have them all.

Are you a current Vocalizer for NVDA user? You can upgrade for a very affordable price.

For information about previous Vocalizer for NVDA versions you can go to the old web site.

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You can download the latest Vocalizer for NVDA driver and voices from our Downloads page