Tiflotecnia, Lda

Vocalizer voices for NVDA

Welcome to Vocalizer for NVDA!

Tiflotecnia, Lda. is pleased to announce the availability of a new high quality synthesizer for NVDA, the best open source screen reader of the world!


It is available version 2.0 of the Vocalizer driver! This version is also a demo until October, 31.


Whats new:

  • Basic automatic language switching functionality;
  • Choosen variant is saved for each voice;
  • Allowed pitch change in Compact variants;
  • Correction of bug affecting the english and spanish voices when french, german or italian voices are also instaled. Who have this problem should uninstall the voices french, german or italian, and download and install the new versions of those voices;
  • Correction of various bugs.

If you want to buy online directly with Tiflotecnia, please visite our online sales page in english

Please, check the pages in your prefered language to check the availability of a local distributor