In this page you can find the Vocalizer for NVDA driver and all the available voices, packaged as NVDA add-ons. You need to install both the driver and at least one voice package.

Download Driver

Latest driver version is {{driver.version}}.

Download Vocalizer for NVDA driver version {{driver.version}}

Download Voices

Some voice bundles are also provided. You can jump to the bundles section right now.

The table below contains all the voices you can download. Press the "download voice" link to download each voice. If you wish, You can filter the voices that are shown by language and variant, in the provided form controls

Name Language variant Download
{{}} {{voice.language}} - {{getLanguageName(voice.language)}} {{voice.variant}} Download Voice ({{voice.size / (1024 * 1024)|number:1}}MB)

Voice Bundles

Here you can find various voice bundles that we've created for your convenience. Most of them contain compact voice variants for various languages in the same package. If you want to suggest other possible bundles, please contact us.

  • Asian-compact - Arabic, Cantonese Hong-Kong, Chinese Simplified, Hebrew, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin Taiwan, Thai and Turkish.
  • easternEuropeAndScandinavia-Compact - Czech, Danish, Finnish, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Slovac and Swedish
  • english-Compact - Australia, British, Irish, Scotish, South African and United States
  • portugueseAndSpanish-Compact - Argentina, Basque, Brazil, Cataluna, Colombia, Galician, Mexico, Portugal and Spain
  • westernEurope-Compact - Belgian Dutch, Canadian French, French, Dutch, German, Greek and Italian